Big 5, Dubai: Corian® presents its new colour collections for interior design

Come and meet the Corian® you never knew at
THE BIG 5 International Building & Construction Show
26 - 29 November 2017 – Hall 7, Stand 7A-321 | 11:00 - 19:00 World Trade Centre, Dubai

During the 2017 edition of The Big 5 International Building & Construction Show in Dubai (November 26-29), Corian® will present an inspiring selection of ideas for living and working with such a multi-talented material. At stand 7A-321, Hall 7, a series of displays and settings – residential kitchens, spa style bathrooms, hotel receptions, retail environments, restaurants – will showcase all the elegance, variety and versatility of the latest colours and shapes on offer from
Corian® design surface.

Embracing its heritage while moving confidently into the future, Corian® has created three fresh aesthetics – Concrete, Onyx and Prima – each offering distinctive character and personality to create a memorable mood. Achieved with the use of exclusive technologies, the new aesthetics offer
outstanding potential for decoration and design, embodying a robust visual texture and creating a dynamic modernity while also evoking warmth, opulence, strength and emotion.

The Concrete aesthetic for Corian® is visually subtle yet makes a strong statement, offering a firm chromatic foundation on which to build a design project through working with a durable and classic material. Inspired by urban landscapes, four neutral colours offer abundant application possibilities. A
chameleon quality allows these background hues to enhance interior and exterior spaces, whether traditional or modern.


Discover the new Concrete aesthetic of Corian® at The Big 5, Dubai, Hall 7, Stand 7A-321. Left: Spa-style bathroom featuring bath, wall cladding and chaise lounge in Corian® Ash Concrete. Right: Hotel reception with desk in Corian® Weathered Concrete, wall cladding in Corian® Neutral Concrete. Photos Corian® Design, all rights reserved.

With bold style and visual depth, the Onyx aesthetic of Corian®, offers the added beauty of translucence. Inherent properties allow for the transfer of light through the surface to create an ethereal effect. Incorporating semi-transparent veining, the two new colours are striking when lit from above and even more spectacular when seemingly illuminated from within. An intriguing drama
emerges from the play of light and shadow, taking these new choices beyond the ordinary.



Discover Onyx, the new aesthetic of Corian® offering a fascinating interplay with the light, At The Big 5, Dubai, Hall 7, Stand 7A-321. Left: Corian® White Onyx. Right: Wall cladding in backlit Corian® Gray Onyx. Photos Corian® Design, all rights reserved.

Prima offers a further new dimension, enabling directional designs and optimising the valuable properties of Corian® that allow new colour technologies to emerge. Embedded hues create a remarkable patterning and sweeping movement. Natural in inspiration, confident in design, eight new shades embody varying moods and sensations, offering unique, dynamic aesthetics.
A selection of these new colours can be seen at stand 7A-321, Hall7 at The Big 5 trade fair in applications ranging from kitchen worksurfaces to hospitality counters and from to partition walls to creating a cocoon for the most calming of bathrooms.


Discover the new Prima aesthetic of Corian® at The Big 5, Dubai, Hall 7, Stand 7A-321. Left: Wall cladding & shower tray in Corian® Cosmos Prima. Right: Table tops in Corian® Limestone Prima. Photos Corian® Design, all rights reserved.




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